A good real estate copywriter understands 3 things.

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1. Using the word “emotional” to describe a property is like using a medical drawing of the reproductive system to seduce someone. Never say a property is “emotional.” Instead, write persuasive copy that creates an emotional impact.

2. In relation to real estate, the word “luxury” is officially meaningless. Don’t use it. Every third-rate apartment and condominium building touts luxury. Luxury is subjective. What’s luxury to me is a flea bag to you. Find a fresh, direct, honest way to convey creature comforts.

3. You are not writing copy about high ceilings or stainless steel appliances. You are writing about the one place in the world a person can take a bath, rest, raise a family, be herself, feel safe. Yes, everyone wants high ceilings and stainless steel appliances. But that’s just not enough.

Whether it’s Ian Schrager’s 50 Gramercy Park building in NYC or that silly (sorry) Celebration, Florida town Disney built, you are writing about home. Remember that and you will someday take all my clients away.


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Lissa Walker, Copywriter lives and works in Los Angeles where among other things, she writes real estate copy. lissa@walkercopywriting.com