A healthcare copywriter talks about an alternative.

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Every year, I spend at least the equivalent of a Givenchy handbag on vitamins and herbs.

I go out of my way to shop at Whole Foods for certified organic ingredients.

Then I run out to Neiman’s or Barney’s and scoop up the latest “miracle” cream, lotion or potion and dash home to slather it on. Do I stop to think about what’s inside? Not a chance. I want gorgeous skin. I’ll do anything to get it—even if it freaking kills me.

Then my sister started making me look at labels.

It was shocking.

Almost every skincare line contains hardcore, manmade chemicals— even the “healthy” brands sold in health food markets.

Unwilling to sacrifice beauty for healthy, my sis set out to see if legitimately healthy skincare products even existed—and if they did, were they effective? Of course, she took poor little old me along for the ride. What we discovered was scandalous. Hardly any beauty products are “clean,” and the ones that do pass ingredient-muster mostly smell like man-repellant, quickly turn rancid or just aren’t that effective.

After years of hunting, we finally discovered a few sensational brands that do the deed – without toxify-ing us in the process.

After a career of creating OPB (other people’s brands) I finally decided to launch my own. (Actually, my sister and I are creating it together, but I prefer to take all the credit.)

The company is called My Sister Says.

Our slogan? Synthetic is pathetic.

The brand is all about moving the needle on natural skincare from “granola girl” to “Manolo girl.”

Seriously, babe it’s time to reassess your moisturizer, cleanser, toner, scrub and deodorant. Check out the ingredients. See what’s in there. If the product contains parabens, phthalates, or other harmful no-no’s, it’s time to make the switch.

Lissa Walker, healthcare copywriter lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Email her anytime you feel like it. lissa@walkercopywriting.com