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What gives a food copywriter umami?

My father was a Nestle salesman. My mother is the best cook on earth. And I, my friends, am their copywriter love child. Growing up surrounded by freezers full of my father’s chocolate samples, you would think I would tire of candy. You would think anything …

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Tech copywriter.
(A lot more fun than it sounds.)

While writing the advertising campaigns that helped launch Earthlink in 1995, I faced a unique challenge. Aside from branding and positioning the company in an emerging marketplace, I first had to figure out how to explain to the world what in the hell the Internet was.
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A beauty copywriter with an ugly secret.

Every year, I spend at least the equivalent of a Givenchy handbag on vitamins and herbs. I go out of my way to shop at Erewhon for certified organic ingredients. Then I run out to Neiman’s or Sephora and scoop up the latest miracle cream, lotion or potion and dash home to slather it on. Do I stop to think about what’s inside? Not a chance. I want gorgeous skin. I’ll do anything to get it—even if it freaking kills me.

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Yes. I will work on retainer. Let’s talk.

Lissa Walker, Copywriter lives and works in Los Angeles where she steadfastly refuses to take a real, full-time job, but is quite happy to work on retainer.

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Freelance copywriter. (Another way to say “likes to wear Uggs.”)

Whether you’re a startup looking to grow or a big agency with national accounts, let’s talk. Tell me what you need. I’ll tell you how I can help.

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Viva la great copy.

Do I seriously have to write a manifesto so I can be a copywriter who says they have one? All right. I’m working on it. Maybe. Check back later.

Lissa Walker is a freelance copywriter who...

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An entertainment copywriter on entertainment marketing.

Having worked as an entertainment copywriter for just about every network, studio and record company in Hollywood, it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day deadlines. Sometimes it’s good to step back and take a look at the big picture.

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Do you swear on your brand bible?

Everybody noodles copy sometime.  But if you often have to revise and rework what your copywriters send you, perhaps it’s time to revisit your brand bible. No matter how insightful, intuitive and clear-cut your brand guidelines might seem, if your copywriters can’t easily apply the voice, tone …  

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